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Computers and technology have become such an integral part of our business that even the smallest of computer problems can have a major impact on your businesses operation and performance.

However, most small to medium size businesses do not have the necessary IT expertise and cannot afford to employ a full-time IT person. This is where My IT Solutions come in, as we provide a complete range of IT Admin and Support packages from 'pay as you' through to onsite and remote support services.

All of our Support Packages are flexible and cost effective, regardless of which package you choose to use, My IT Solutions can provide an affordable solution for your business, please click on any of the items for more information:

Care and Support Packages

Our Care and Support Packages are broken down into three levels of service- Gold, Silver and Bronze. All three levels of service consist of monthly fee, which is normally paid by standing order, one month in advance. There is no contract, and you can terminate or change to another support package at any time.

Bronze Care and Support is our entry-level Care and Support package, which provides free access to our Remote Support service, priority over 'Pay As You Go' clients, and a significant discount on hourly and day rates for all consultancy and onsite support.

Silver Care and Support provides all of the benefits of the Bronze Care and Support package, but also includes either two (Silver 2 Package) or four (Silver 4 Package) hours of onsite support/consultancy, depending on which Silver Care and Support package is chosen.

Gold Care and Support provides all of the benefits of the Bronze Care and Support package, but also includes between one (Gold 1 Package) and five (Gold 5 Package) days of onsite support /consultancy, which can be broken down into half days as required.

Pay as you go Support

Should you prefer to pay us when you need our services, we also provide a 'Pay As You Go' service. No commitment, no monthly fee, you simply call us and pay for our services as and when you require them.

Remote Support

Our Remote Support service enables our support team to diagnose and fix your problems, as well as provide training without setting foot on your premises. This means we can quickly diagnose and fix most problems without the need for an onsite visit, reducing your downtime and onsite support costs.


Please contact us for more information on any of the above IT services.

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