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My IT Solutions Online Backup is the easiest way to ensure your data is securely, automatically and
inexpensively backed up offsite.

My IT Solutions Online Backup is safer, cheaper and more efficient at backing up and restoring data than traditional onsite backup solutions such as tape and CDROM and ensures reliable, automated, hands free
backup 24/7 365 days a year.

Prices start from as little as £8.00 per month to backup data on an individual machine, which includes service
set-up and free technical support.

Your data is safer with us than it is with you…

As My IT Solutions Online Backup is a software only backup service, no hardware is required thus eliminating the problems of maintenance and upgrades. Your data is compressed, securely encrypted and then transmitted to the primary ISO9002 data centre facility and mirrored to a secondary data centre. Your backup data is stored, encrypted, at two physically separate data centres, so should an unforeseen disaster happen with either data centre, then the other, including all data, is safe, accessible and fully operational, thus ensuring 24x7x365 availability.

How does My IT Solutions Online Backup work?

1) Create - The backup software is downloaded onto your PC, Laptop or Network Server and you select which files you want to have included as part of your backup set and when you want the automated backups to take place (e.g. 10pm each night).
2) Secure - The backup data is then compressed for speed of transmission and encrypted for security, using sophisticated 128-bit triple DES technology.
3) Transmit - The backup data is then automatically and securely transmitted to the data centres on your chosen schedule through your existing Internet connection.
4) Restore - To restore data, you simply choose which files you need restoring, enter your encryption key password) and your data is then restored from the data centres to whichever location you require.

Pricing and Plans

We offer flexible storage plans to suit individuals and/or groups of users based on compressed storage. You can expect between 4 and 20 times the amounts of 'raw' uncompressed data from your machine per plan (e.g. 1GB Service Level can store between 4GB-20GB of data). Bespoke plans are available for larger users.

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